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Health and Wellness Specialist @ Healthy IU/Indiana University HR

Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist (Corporate Health and Wellness Association)

Certified life coach (

Dream Big coach

Reiki certified

Koru Mindfulness certified (

Registered yoga instructor (RYT) certified in yoga for recovery (

Whole-Person Wellness certificate (

I was born and raised to a Japanese mother and American father of French Canadian descent in a mixed culture home. I live by the example of my almost 90 year old mother who has lived her life with strong faith and an ikigai (Japanese word for purpose).

I have 2 daughters who I'm so proud of and a granddaughter, June Ohhashi!



What is your reason for being?


Client Testimonials

Betty is a terrific listener and is wonderful at reflecting back.  She helped me think out of the box and think about how to really break down a goal into super doable tiny pieces.

She is consistent in what she does: meetings, support, advice, listening, pushing me to come up with my own answers, etc.

She is very encouraging, supportive, and helps me to believe in myself.

Betty is a great listener and is wonderfully encouraging.  She does a great job restating my goals back to me, which helps me clarify my goals.

She listens and is positive. She pushes me to really make my goals into SMART goals and is good about checking in with me about the goals.

Provide prompts for thinking about my vision.

She is very understanding and compassionate. She shares her story to encourage me to accomplish my goals.

She does a great job checking in on each specific goal each week, and connecting the goals to my long term goals.  I have appreciated the concrete steps suggested.

Consistency and holding me accountable.

Betty has been instrumental in my journey.  Her help has been not only inspirational regarding her support and confidence in my abilities to keep going with my endeavors but also has provided concrete, practical process steps that I can easily follow to keep moving forward.  She has the skill set to provide the emotional support needed, especially in challenging times, and provides spot on strategies to use to navigate those times and to help me keep focused and driven.  She is a great asset to anyone using her as a coach.


Comments submitted by: Lindsay A., Erin A., Carolyn B., Terri G., Amy O., Michael M.

How I Can Help

“I am not who you think I am; I am not who I think I am; I am who I think you think I am ”. Thomas Cooley

For the past several years, I have been on a healing journey and have learned that the most important relationship that you have is with yourself. 


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